KBI MT4 for Mobile

Trade forex anytime anywhere with KBI mobile MT4 app. Enjoy an advanced trading experience on the go from any mobile operating system. We provide a simple trading interface, updated market news, and the fast way of placing an order to help you achieve your trading needs.


Mobile MetaTrader4

Choose KBI mobile MT4 platform to comfortably access the market and receive trading alerts while on the go. MT4 is available on Android, and iOS smartphones and tablets.

The Advantages of Mobile Trading

Adjustable settings of technical indicators

Real-time forex and CFD quotes

Real-time interactive charts with zoom and scroll

3 chart types: Bars, Japanese Candlesticks, Line

30+ of the most popular technical indicators

Full set of trade orders, including pending orders

Multiple timeframes to analyze price action and patterns

Support of all types of execution modes

View your complete trading history